Residential Roof Replacement

As a customer of Summit Renovation, you can be sure that we will provide you with the absolute best service from your first call through the entire re-roofing process – and beyond. You can take comfort in knowing experienced professionals using only the finest materials will install your new roof. Our goal is not only to meet, but also exceed your expectations at every stage of the process.

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New Roofs in Birmingham, Alabama

Why choose Summit Renovation?

90% of our homeowners have their new roof covered by their insurance company. If your roof is over 10 years old, you probably have hail damage.


Hail damage is rarely obvious from the ground. The vast majority of our customers never knew they had damage until one of our trained inspectors looked at their roofs.


  • "Summit Renovation replaced the entire roof of our 706 unit complex in 23 working days.  They worked to manage the job site with minimal disruption to our tenants and staff.  They did an excellent job overall and meticulously cleaned the jobsite upon completion.  I highly recommend Summit Renovation.  They are responsive, professional, and very knowledgeable."

    Philip Birmingham, AL
  • "Everyone at Summit Renovation was responsive and a complete professional from meeting and dealing with the insurance company to installing my new roof.  They were incredible to work with!"

    Frank Birmingham, AL
  • "I wish more business conducted themselves the way Patrick Dennis and his entire team at Summit Renovation did!"

    Andy Mountain Brook, AL
  • "When our neighbor told us Summit Renovation had gotten their roof replaced by their insurance company, we were very skeptical.  But one week after filing the claim, we had a check for $27,000 for a whole new roof!"

    Jaimie Birmingham, AL
  • "Summit Renovation has been exceedingly responsive, efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  I gladly recommend Summit Renovation to any property owner looking for a company that is cost-effective and cares about the people and product it serves."

    Dave Birmingham, AL
  • "Summit Renovation has proven to be very responsive, professional, and reliable.  The quality of their work has been outstanding.  I would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating multi-family projects."

    Andrew Birmingham, AL
  • "Summit Renovation did an exceptional job and exceeded our expectations.  They provided outstanding quality of work, exceptional professionalism, and were very responsive throughout the project.  We will continue to use Summit Renovation and refer them to other properties we own and other companies that inquire about needing a contractor in our area.  I highly recommend Summit Renovation."

    Bobby Hoover, AL
  • "Not only did they do a great job on our roof, but we were also very impressed with their cleanup."

    Kim Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the insurance company raise my rates if I file a claim?

No.  In Alabama, it is against the law for insurance companies to raise rates or drop your coverage because of a weather related claim.  Here’s an article written by on the subject.

My roof looks fine from the ground; how do I know if there is sufficient damage to file a claim with my insurance company?

One of our trained professionals will perform a free, 20-minute no obligation inspection because, often times, damage is not visible from the ground.  We have a 90% success rate with insurance companies once we recommend that you file a claim.

My roof is so old that they won’t pay enough to replace it, will they?

Insurance policies are written for full replacement cost and old roofs are just as insured as newer ones.  In fact, the increased age of your roof makes it more susceptible to hail damage.

Is this an insurance scam?

No, an insurance scam is when someone intentionally creates damage to file a claim.  After we perform an inspection, insurance companies will send a trained professional to come out and inspect the properties to ensure that there is legitimate damage.  We will not represent a homeowner who we believe has intentionally created damage to a roof or any other structure.



















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