6 Tips on Choosing a Disaster Restoration Company

A natural disaster destroying homes and buildings can bring so much distress and suffering to families and business owners alike. Granted, it is not an easy task to recover from a flood swamping most of your personal belongings and high-priced furniture or fire engulfing a huge portion of your property until it all turns to ashes. The process of bringing a safe and comfortable living space back to its pre-disaster condition after a severe catastrophe strikes is not only expensive, but also laborious and time-consuming.

It is indeed necessary for a storm- or fire-damaged property to undergo restoration services. But given the high costs, homeowners will want to utilize the expertise of a reputable restoration company in order to maximize their investment. A quality restoration service will take steps to rebuild the damaged parts of your home, whether you need to take care of a flood caused by faulty plumbing or clean up heavy soot and smoke caused by a fire.

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How can you find the best disaster restoration contractor you can trust? To ensure that you get a good one, find a contractor who:

1. Is from the local area: It is important to hire a professional restoration contractor from the local community. A local company is more familiar with the local climate and the neighborhood. This can help the pros improve their assessment because of the years of experience they have working with structures that are particular to the area. Hiring local contractors also means you know where their office is located, so you know exactly where to find them in case a problem arises during off-hours. Finally, a local contractor will want to maintain a positive reputation so that businesses in the city keep coming back, leading to better service and quality of workmanship.

2. Responds immediately when disasters strike: A strong rainstorm and the resulting flood can cause extreme water damage to your home, from broken cedar shingles to dented vinyl siding. Issues related to moisture and water exposure only compound and get more detrimental the longer it takes to address them. It is crucial to choose a water remediation service that can respond and arrive almost instantly when you call. Make sure that you know a company that responds to emergencies around the clock since fire and water damage are incredibly unpredictable. A contractor you can rely on during the break of dawn or nighttime hours is someone worth working with on your project. It is also a telltale sign that the person goes to great lengths in order to make everyone feel safe and secure.

3. Is licensed and insured: Do preliminary research, and focus on water restoration companies that are properly licensed and insured in your state. A contractor has to meet a strict set of standards to be labeled as a qualified damage restoration provider and perform a specified service like mold remediation or re-roofing.

It is also important to hire an insured professional. Insurance is a critical asset, and it aims to protect both the technicians working onsite as well as the homeowner. Any injuries to workers or the owner that result directly from the repair and replacement process will be covered by general liability insurance. Meanwhile, damage to the house or building itself that occurs as a repercussion to the restoration job performed will be covered under the company’s insurance.

A certified restoration contractor demonstrates that the company has received extensive training and education and has kept its skills up-to-date. Do not forget to take note of certifications from renowned industry associations for they are a clear indication of professional commitment.

4. Has reliable local references: Often, homeowners find themselves suffocated by unreliable, fly-by-night repair services after storms and other harsh weather-related events. It is critical that you take all the necessary steps to avoid falling for fraudulent businesses and shoddy workmanship. Look for dependable restoration companies with well-grounded references from local customers, such as your family, friends and neighbors, for they can offer an accurate insight into a contractor’s skill and competence. Ask them if the restoration services were reasonably priced or if the service provider arrived on time in the midst of the emergency.

Even third-party references can be extremely helpful and provide information from previous customers. Check the social media accounts of local contractors, and search for popular online review sites for home improvement, such as Yelp, Angie’s List and Merchant Circle. All of these can lead you to reputable restoration services and give  a ballpark estimate of what a property owner can expect to pay for services based on the zip code.

5. Works with insurance: A highly regarded restoration company has the experience, knowledge and disposition to work with the homeowner’s insurance. The contractor will negotiate the details of the claim with the insurance provider and help you navigate the process from start to finish. Some of the key matters that are discussed between the restoration company and insurance company are identifying the source of the damage and assessing the extent of damage to the property. A skilled contractor will make it a priority to ensure that the insurance claim covers as many damaged areas in your home as possible.

6. Can offer a detailed plan for repairs: A flood or fire destroying your home, a safe shelter for you and your family, is more than devastating. It takes away not only a comfortable living environment, but also a sizable chunk of your long-term investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get you back on your feet.

First off, you need to create a clear plan that explains all the proper steps that you need to take in order to get your home back into its original, tip-top shape. Remember to include preventive measures that can help protect your home from future damage like mold and mildew growth on cedar shingles. It is also a good idea to have an emergency checklist to sufficiently arm yourself and reduce damage. Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare a set of guidelines so you will not fall behind once another catastrophic event ravages your town.

An experienced damage restoration company will offer you a complete, accurate assessment of total damage, repairs and replacements that need to be made and a rough calculation of expenses. This approach is to equip you with sufficient knowledge that you can use to make good, reliable decisions about how you want to proceed.

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