General and Apartment Appliance Fire Safety Tips

Appliances make your daily life more convenient and help you accomplish tasks faster. However, many of these tools involve the use of gas or electricity, which comes with risks. To avoid safety problems, you must use these devices according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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Here are some appliance fire safety tips.

General Tips

As much as possible, keep appliances at a safe distance from wet areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements and garages. Place flammable items like clothes, curtains or furniture away from appliances. Make sure to have devices that produce a spark or give you a shock repaired immediately.

Do not plug too many plugs into an outlet. To be safe, plug only one wattage appliance into an outlet at a time. Only plug in small appliances, such as toasters, hairdryers and irons, when you need to use them. Moreover, every level of your home must have smoke alarms installed. You should also regularly check if these alarms are working and replace batteries annually.

Apartment Fire Safety Tips

If you’re living in an apartment, you must be familiar with the building’s fire protection system. Some apartments have a sprinkler system that helps extinguish fires while most have fire alarm pull stations to let others know that there’s a fire.

Make sure that your apartment has smoke detectors for added safety. Test these alarms routinely, and be sure that they aren’t over ten years old. Moreover, it helps to know where fire extinguishers are as well as how to access and use them. Don’t try to put out a fire with an extinguisher if you don’t know how to use one.

Further, space heaters must be at least three feet away from flammable items. Keep in mind that cooking is the leading cause of fires in houses, so never leave your stove unattended. It’s also not a good idea to smoke in your bedroom or leave a lit cigarette anywhere in your home or apartment.

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