Common Causes of Delays During Roofing Projects

Through careful planning, you can keep your residential roof replacement on schedule. In addition to preparing a budget and timeline with your contractor, it’s also important that homeowners learn more about the mistakes that can set back their roofing project. 

The common cause of delays during a roof replacement project are: 

Bad Weather 

The most common cause of project delays is bad weather. Rainy weather, in particular, can create problems for your contractor. Lingering moisture can affect the performance of your new roof. Not to mention trapped moisture creates a damp environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

To minimize disruptions caused by bad weather, most homeowners schedule their roofing projects during summer. Keep in mind that summer is usually when demand for contractor services increases, which is why you need to schedule a consultation with a professional roofer to ensure you won’t have trouble making an appointment later on in the season. 

Underlying Roofing Issues 

You can never completely rule out the possibility your roof has underlying roofing issues. For instance, detecting signs of rot in your roof decking can be tricky. To assess the current condition of your roof decking, your contractor will check your attic for signs of rot. However, this method isn’t completely accurate. That’s why even if your roofer didn’t find any signs of rot, there’s still a chance your roof’s decking was damaged. 

Change Orders 

Change orders refer to modifications made to the project scope after construction has started. It’s best to avoid change orders to minimize delays to your roof replacement. 


A roof replacement is essentially a collaboration between you and your contractor, which is why constant communication is key to the project’s success. Here’s a tip: it’s best to hire local contractors. Since they’re more familiar with your area’s climate, they can give better recommendations. For instance, a roofer living in sunny areas will most likely recommend metal roofs because of their reflective surface. 

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