Common Sources of Mold in Multi-Family Buildings

All homes are susceptible to mold damage. Whether you like it or not, there could be tiny mold spores floating in your home right now. In small amounts, these spores wouldn’t normally be a problem. However, if the concentration of spores increases and the conditions are right, mold can start to form. 

Mold eats away at organic materials, potentially weakening the wooden beams supporting your roof. Not to mention mold can trigger allergies and aggravate respiratory conditions. This is why it’s important to keep mold growth at bay, starting with identifying its sources. 

What are the common sources of mold in multi-family buildings? 


If there’s an unidentified leak in a building’s roof, mold might start to form in its underlayers. Remember: damp and dark spaces are the perfect breeding ground for mold. That’s why you should schedule routine roof inspections to make sure relatively minor roofing issues, such as leaks, don’t affect the other parts of the building. 

Poor Ventilation 

If a room feels muggy, inadequate ventilation might be to blame. Without adequate ventilation, hot, humid air is trapped inside your home, lowering indoor comfort and creating conditions conducive to the formation of mold. 


It’s not uncommon for mold to start forming after a flood drenches parts of a building’s interior. Remember: moisture or the presence of water is essential to the proliferation of mold. To reduce the risk of mold damage, it’d be a good idea to have a contractor conduct dehumidification to remove moisture from the air and parts of your interior. Given that mold formation and water damage usually come hand in hand, multi-family rehabs might be needed to restore your interior to its original state. 

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