Why a Roofing Contractor Should Be Insured

Searching for roofers online will show you several pages of results. However, while a search engine is an extremely convenient tool for locating local roofing companies, it’s not enough to determine whether you’ll be happy with a roofer or not. You still have to do at least a phone interview with the roofers to get a feel of how they do business.

discussing contractor's general liability insurance

One of the most important questions you should ask your prospective roofer is, “Do you have insurance?” If the roofer tries to stall or says no outright, it’s time to move on to another roofer. However, if the answer is yes, your next question should be about the types of insurance the person carries.

But why is insurance so important?

General Liability Insurance

Roofing is a job for the experts, but risks are always present even if the roofer has the skill and experience. Reputable roofing contractors carry general liability insurance tailored to what they need. For example, the insurance should cover the roofer based on the schedule of their work and whether or not they hire subcontractors.

General liability insurance protects the roofers in case something happens while they’re at work, such as a slip and fall accident. It also covers the general public. For instance, if a roofer uses a hammer on the roof, the hammer could slip, fall off the roof and land on someone walking by, injuring the person. The insurance company should cover the victim in this situation as well.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Another type of insurance is worker’s compensation, and your contractor should carry it, too. This is what covers the roofers in case they are injured on the job and cannot work for a length of time. It protects the contractors from having to spend their own money on medical or other expenses.

Key Takeaways

You should only hire a contractor that carries insurance because:

  It’s possible for things to go wrong even if roofers are experts and take great care to avoid accidents.

  You don’t want to be held liable if an accident happens while roofers are working on your home or if your home is damaged.

  A roofing company that has the right insurance policies is more trustworthy than one that does not have any insurance.

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