What to Expect From a Water Damage Restoration Specialist

Extensive roof damage resulting from a major weather event is already bad enough, but then comes indoor flooding. This not only compromises your home’s structural integrity, but can lead to significant property loss as well. You’ll want to deal with this problem immediately, which means turning to a trusted water damage restoration specialist for the appropriate solution.

indoor flooding

Here’s what to expect when you call a professional for water damage restoration.

1. Comprehensive Inspection
As the name suggests, water damage restoration works to bring your property back to its pristine condition before the disaster struck. This isn’t limited to simple water extraction and cleanup, however. This is a full service also that takes into account reconstruction, repair and disinfection. 

But before all of that, a thorough checkup will be performed. The specialist will evaluate the condition of your home or property and provide recommendations that will restore it to rights. 

2. Damage Mapping
This process involves tracking down every last ounce of unwanted water in the affected areas to help with the following water extraction. If the indoor flooding was, in fact, caused by burst pipes, your specialist will shut down the water source in the meantime.

3. Cost Estimation and Insurance Claims Assistance
Your specialists will give you a detailed and accurate estimate that may cover every aspect of the restoration process, along with the final price. If you have coverage, they may also offer to work with your insurance provider so you get the fair settlement you deserve.

4. Water Extraction
Using advanced tools and equipment, the specialist will remove even the last traces of water from your property and then run dehumidifiers to get rid of lingering excess moisture. They may also take steps to ensure that unwanted water doesn’t find its way into other areas of your home or property.

5. Reconstruction and Disinfection
The specialists will do their best to salvage the flood-affected areas. If they can’t, they may repair the item or reconstruct that part of the property as necessary. This is followed by disinfection, which eliminates possible fungal growth and bacteria in the space, helping keep it safe and healthy. The specialist will also make sure no musty odors remain in the affected area through deodorization.

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